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We are Virginia's first and only clinic that specializes completely in the safe procedure of laser tattoo removal.  Unlike most "med spas" and skin care centers that offer multiple laser procedures, Dr. Zhitar and his team at Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal are dedicated solely to tattoo removal at an affordable price.
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Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal in the News

Love inks: Virginia Beach business offers clients chance to erase valentines past

By Jen McCaffery • The Virginian-Pilot • © February 13, 2010

Love is forever. Except when it isn't.

That's why staffers at Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal have given people the chance to start erasing some of the evidence of their past relationships - just in time for Valentine's Day.

On Friday, they offered for free the first phase of tattoo removal to people inked with the name or likeness of an ex they'd rather forget.

"Every tattoo has a story, and every tattoo removal does as well," said John Delaney, the clinic's director and a certified laser specialist.
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Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal
visits The Hampton Road's Show

Fox TV• © February 10, 2010


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Valentine's Day Tattoo Removal
Maybe you can relate to this: have you ever found yourself so deeply in love that you were willing to do anything to show it... like maybe getting a tattoo of their name? It might not have seemed like a bad idea at the time... that is until you broke up!
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Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal
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